Our Story

The Flower Appreciation Society is a thriving, Hackney based flower studio. As the name suggests, we love what we do and the flower arrangements we create. Whether sharing our expertise with other flower appreciators in our workshops, working with couples to create beautiful flower arrangements for their weddings, or collaborating with well-known brands to create flower installations for events and shoots, we always bring huge enthusiasm and attention to detail to everything that we do. We source many of our flowers from our very own cutting garden around the corner from our studio. This is not only better for bees and the environment but better for you: our seasonal ‘garden grown flowers’ allow us to create beautifully wild and natural looking arrangements.

Our original founders Anna and Ellie grew the Flower Appreciation Society from humble beginnings, first making weekly flower arrangements for the pub in which they met 10 years ago. Ellie recently moved to the countryside so Anna’s sister, Lizzie, has joined the team. The sisters working together is a childhood dream come true.

We are firmly rooted in the community: we grew up around the corner from the studio and our cuttings garden is five minutes down the road. Our Dutch mother instilled in us our love of flowers, which are still  at the heart of what we do. We want to share our appreciation of them as widely as we can.

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Our Garden

To really understand flowers we knew we had to grow our own, and now we do. We transformed a disused backyard in Hackney into an urban oasis. In spring and summer - when the sun shines and bees buzz around the cosmos, dahlias, snap dragons and poppies - there’s no place we’d rather be.  

Our admiration for flowers deepened while we nurtured them from seed to maturity. It’s honed our eye for detail too. We love bendy stems, frilly petals and trailing vines; untamed touches that add character and intrigue to our arrangements.  

Our blog will give you a glimpse into our sowing, planting and growing journey with tips and advice along the way.


Our Book

Take your love of flowers further

Our book - An A to Z of All Things Floral - is full of flowery knowledge. We share all the tips and tricks we’ve learnt in nearly a decade as professional florists. It’s packed with how-to guides and step-by-step instructions.

Arrangements for weddings, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Tips for bouquets, buttonholes and buying flowers grown in Britain. Learn to work with foliage and herbs. And how to take the best care of your flowers.

“A magical journey through an illustrated alphabet - from anemone to zinnia”


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