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Our Story

We met working behind a bar. Many a night spent pouring pints together led to flowery chats and we realised how much we had in common. Very slowly but surely, the seeds for The Flower Appreciation Society were sown. We never dreamt that this would be the start of such an incredible adventure. 

We began by making weekly arrangements for the pub. It took us a while but eventually we saved up enough money to buy a camera and some lovely old vases. Weddings started to trickle in - we took over kitchen tables, the pub car park, the boot of the van - anywhere we could find to make our flowery creations! Five years on we work happily from our studio in Hackney, London. Without a shop we go to the market especially for every wedding, party and event we do.  

Our backgrounds in illustration and textiles have given us a strong visual identity right from the beginning. Creating all of our own branding as well as putting together beautiful floral arrangements has made us 'not your average florists'.