Flower arranging and Flower embroidery workshop

Embroidery workshop.jpg
Embroidery workshop.jpg

Flower arranging and Flower embroidery workshop


29th September 2018


We are very excited to welcome Molly Martin to the studio for an afternoon of flower arranging and flower embroidery.

First you will learn how to arrange beautiful, seasonal flowers in small vase.

Using chicken wire we will teach you how to create the shape and basis of your arrangement with your foliage and then how to add your flowers to create a natural, loose and gardeny display.

After a tea and cake break, Molly will demonstrate how to embroider a simple flower design (inspired by your arrangement) onto a pillowcase using fine silk threads.

Next it’s your turn to give it a go!

We ask you to bring along a simple piece of fabric in white or cream which you would like embroider onto. Pillow cases, cushion covers, napkins, t-shirts all work well.

All materials plus tea and cake are provided.

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