Tall Vase Arranging Using Chicken Wire

TAll vase workshop2.jpg
TAll vase workshop2.jpg

Tall Vase Arranging Using Chicken Wire


14th August 2018: 7-8.30pm

17th October 2018: 7-8.30pm

5th December 2018: 7-8.30pm *Christmas Special*

Come and learn how to arrange a selection of beautiful, seasonal flowers in a ceramic vase at our studio in Hackney. 

Firstly you will choose the flowers you would like to use, then condition your stems.  We will then show you how to arrange your blooms using chicken wire to create a lovely, loose and gardeny display.

The flowers and vase are yours to keep.

Please bring a strong bag with you to transport your flowers home after the class.

The workshop will be held at our studio: 72A Southgate Rd, London, N1 3JF.

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