A Flower Masterclass - a visit to our cutting garden and vase arranging at the studio

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A Flower Masterclass - a visit to our cutting garden and vase arranging at the studio


Join us for an afternoon to celebrate the wonder of seasonal flowers at our flower masterclass.

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About the workshop

We will begin with visiting our cutting garden just around the corner from our studio. We will chat about growing your own flowers, the joy of British blooms with their imperfections and bendy stems and share our tips and advice.

Following our garden trip we will return to the studio to demonstrate how to create a centre piece using seasonal flowers and foliage, including some picked from our garden.

We will teach our natural, gardeny style, focusing on colour combinations, shape and texture. You will then make your own arrangement in a low glass vase using the grid technique.

In spring the tulips are flowering, some likes feathers, others frilly. Belle Epoque, Angelique, Flaming parrot to name but a few. As well as narcissi, allium and hellebores.

In early summer the garden is full of fragrant roses, mallow, sweet peas, foxgloves and sweet rocket. The bees are buzzing and the scent is heavenly. The soft pastel colours are subtle and romantic

In late summer the cosmos, dahlias, scabious, poppies, snap dragons and achillea and in full bloom. Their rich, jewel colours glowing.

Each season as wonderful as the next. We look forward to celebrating them with you.

Tea, cake and all materials needed will be provided.



I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon with The Flower Appreciation Society- one of the best presents by husband’s ever got for me! Inspiring to see what can be grown in an inner city garden, and I was thrilled with my vase arrangement.”



BE Studios, 72a Southgate Road, London N1 3JF