The cutting garden is blooming

This month we've had bountiful crops of foxgloves, the sweetest smelling sweet rocket, glorious white iris' and delicate blush allium roseum. We use these wonderful home grown flowers in your wedding'sevents and workshops. We also now sell bunches at The De Beauvoir Deli just around the corner from our studio.

As well as cutting our flowers we have also been busy planting out our seedlings and tubers, weeding the beds and tending to our climbers.

Sweet Rocket - how to grow and what to do with them...

Hesperis Matronalis, otherwise known as Sweet Rocket or Dame's Violet is one of our favourite early summer flowers .

It grows very happily in either a sunny or shady spot and is a hardy biennial. This means you sow the seeds into seedling trays in May-July, plant them out in the late summer/early autumn and they flower the following May. It feels like a very long time to wait but it's well worth it.

They come in pure white, purple and every so often (if you're lucky) you'll find a few lovely pale blush stems hiding amongst the foliage.

We use sweet rocket in almost every arrangement we do. They are incredibly strong and sturdy and have the most heavenly fragrance. They last brilliantly in bridal bouquets and any kind of vase arrangement. They also grow very tall (up to 1.5m) so they are perfect for large displays. 

If you'd like to have a go at growing these wonderful flowers now is the time to sow your seeds. 

Happy planting!
Ellie and Anna x