The Cutting Garden

Favourite flower this month in the cutting garden....

We were overjoyed when this gorgeous 'dwarf pink blush' Malope started flowering. With such lovely big bell shaped petals and tall straight stems. It's perfect for large arrangements and looks wonderful tumbling out the side of our urn vases.

It's incredibly easy to grow. We sowed the seeds in early spring and by May we had strong seedlings ready to plant out. We packed them into the beds about 9 inches apart and thriving in the hot weather, we watched them grow. By mid June we had a healthy crop and the more we picked the more they flowered.  

They need staking as they grow tall and have a tendency to fall over. They also get very thirsty and need watering often.

Next year we are going to plant Malope successionally so that we can have these wonderful flowers from June until September.

Happy growing!
Ellie and Anna x