Heavenly tulips

Last November we planted over 500 bulbs in our cutting garden. With 15 different tulip and 5 different narcissi and daffodil varieties were have been longing for them to flower. Over the last few weeks they have done just that and we now have perfect coloured striped rows of majestic tulips filling our raised beds - they are almost too beautiful to cut!

But of course we do cut these heavenly blooms - using them in wedding arrangements, bouquets (which we sell at The De Beauvoir Deli) and our flower workshops held at the studio in Hackney.

Planting tips

We planted our tulips in early winter, once the weather felt cooler but the ground hadn't yet frozen.

This year we dug trenches 3ft wide and 6inches deep and placed the bulbs, with their points facing upwards in a neat row along the trench. Then we covered them with soil, watered them thoroughly and left them to do their thing.

How to use them

Tulips are perfect for all sized vases and bouquets. We cut them down low for table displays and leave them standing tall and proud for large urns.

Some tulips have a tendency to lean and bow, weighed down by their heavy heads, which makes them tricky to use in bouquets and arrangements. To help prevent this from happening, keep them wrapped in paper until you use them.

Alternatively you might like your tulips beautiful and blousy in which case you should let them fall naturally in the vase, encouraging them to spread their petals and bloom.